Mahesh-Babu-RajamouliEarlier, M9 reported that Rajamouli’s film with Mahesh Babu could be hitting the floors only towards August 2024 due to astrological complications for Rajamouli. As it appears, this is turning to reality now.

Rajamouli has announced his upcoming production venture, Made In India which will be a biopic of Indian cinema.

Rajamouli’s son, Karthikeya will be producing the film while Rajamouli himself will be presenting it. The film is to be directed by Nitin Kakkar. The production will commence soon.

Now, Mahesh Babu’s fans are sweating over the same as they opine that their dream project could get further delayed if Rajamouli is focused on this biopic instead of the film with Mahesh. They’re even anguished at Rajamouli for the same as they’re anxious that their project could get delayed.

But what needs to be noted is that Rajamouli is a mastermind. He exactly knows how to strike a balance between his projects. He wouldn’t sacrifice any of Mahesh’s project’s time on this biopic.

There’s no better man to take the best calculations for SSMB29 than the main man Rajamouli himself. And when a master craftsman like him is working on a film, there will be unavoidable delays in production, given the sheer scale of it. There’s no point in firing on him for that reason now, even before the project starts.