Jagapathi Babu Comment

Jagapathi Babu is currently in Mumbai, where he is promoting his film “Ruslaan,” in which he portrays the role of the villain, opposite Salman Khan’s brother-in-law, Aayush Sharma.

During a recent interview, the anchor expressed her admiration for his performance in “Guntur Kaaram,” to which Jagapathi Babu responded candidly and brutally.

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Jagapathi Babu remarked, “To be honest, I didn’t enjoy Guntur Kaaram. *laughs* It was intended to be more. My characterization was different. But as the film’s shoot progressed, things became messy. After a while, it became difficult for me to even finish the film. But I did whatever I had to.”

Reports surfaced regarding frequent changes in the film’s script. Numerous compromises were evident from the script stage to casting and other aspects, ultimately affecting the film’s final quality.

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The production was hastily wrapped up to meet the Sankranthi release deadline. Consequently, many viewers criticized the film for its disjointed and nonsensical narrative.

Trivikram faced severe backlash and trolls for the failure of “Guntur Kaaram” and for wasting the valuable dates of Mahesh Babu.

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Fans felt disheartened that their film was overshadowed by a smaller film like “Hanu Man.” Furthermore, “Guntur Kaaram” failed to break even in the US market which was even more embarrassing.

Jagapathi Babu’s recent statement further confirmed that things were not going right during the shooting of Guntur Kaaram. This is one more insult for Trivikram for the Guntur Kaaram fiasco.