Jr NTR - Ram CharanJr NTR had made Ram Charan cry. Don’t jump the gun assuming that NTR had hurt Charan, but it is the other way round that happened on RRR sets. This has been spilled by a junior artiste of RRR movie.

The junior artiste revealed that Charan had used a hunting whip on Tarak during a scene. For the scene, Charan had to hit Tarak a few times. Charan after the shot was over, immediately approached NTR and said sorry.

“Charan hugged NTR and said sorry. He started crying as he thought that he might have hurt NTR unintentionally through the whip. We all know the bonhomie Charan and Tarak have for each other. And seeing this situation we all were baffled that how sensitive Charan is and the bond they have,” says the junior artiste.

Speaking about RRR, the team has wrapped up all the scenes. Of late buzz has it that Rajamouli has called in Charan and Tarak again to re-shoot some scenes aiming for perfection.

RRR is now out of October 13 slot this year owing to the pandemic. It is now rumoured that it may arrive for Sankranthi 2022.