Jr NTR Ram Charan RajamouliCrazy trio, NTR, Rajamouli and Ram Charan have become the face of RRR promotions and are going all out to promote their film. Wherever you see, this trio is seen with a plethora of interviews.

But a section of the fans feel that all the interviews are becoming a bit overboard. The reason behind this is the way in all the interviews, Ram Charan and NTR are repeatedly praising Rajamouli and there is not end to this over gratitude for choosing them as heroes.

Every question that is posted to the star heroes has a Rajamouli connection somehow or the other. So, the same pattern of questions and answers are coming out. They are mostly sky praising Rajamouli throughout the interviews.

At a point in the interviews, it looks like even Rajamouli should be getting bored hearing the same old praises from the stars. This type of non-stop praising wasn’t seen during the Baahubali promotions by Prabhas or Rana. It may be because of the director’s image post Baahubali’s massive success.

Thankfully, the Tv and press interviews are done from today as the team will start on an India wide tour. We need to see if they do something different or repeat the same Rajamouli Bhajan.