Prabhas Fans Upset With Lack of Support From the IndustryPrabhas has a heart of gold and there is no need to mention it. He helps so many people without much knowledge to others. In the last two years, he has helped so many small films, heroes and directors by promoting their projects keeping his Baahubali image aside.

There are also small films like Jathi Rathnalu which benefited quite hugely thanks to the presence of Prabhas during the promotions. But now, Prabhas has no one’s support and this has upset his fans big time.

They are of the opinion that not one hero or celebrity spoke about Radhe Shyam and tweeted about it post the release of the film. Maybe a few posts or statements by some actors or directors would have at least helped the film a bit.

But this strategic silence for Radhe Shaym has not gone well and fans say that Prabhas too should stop supporting small films when they approach him for help.

Prabhas in one of his promotional interviews said that he would not post anything from his social media accounts and keep it quite personal and use it only for his films. Looks like Prabhas knew the game quite lately and we need to see how he would go about things from now on.