Karan Johar Recalls Embarrassing Sex IncidentDuring Koffee With Karan, big revelations often happen that leave everyone stunned. Often these revelations are made by the stars coming on the show, but this time Karan Johar revealed one about himself.

In this week’s Koffee with Karan, Bollywood’s handsome hunk, Tiger Shroff, was asked about the strangest place where he had sex. Tiger said that it is strange, but it is quite exciting to have sex in a plane at the heights of the wind.

Karan Johar welcomed him to join the Mile High Club (a group that has sex in a plane). He added that he doesn’t understand how people accomplish this feat.

He also tried hard once, but it was a problem due to his heavyweight, and there was not enough room to move inside the loo. And on top of that, he was almost caught. He recalled that he somehow got away without getting embarrassed.