Liger: Everything Depends On Puri NowAfter a long long wait, Vijay Deverakonda and Puri Jagannadh’s Liger is finally gearing up for its theatrical release in a few hours from now. The USA premieres will be commencing in a few hours and the anticipation surrounding the same is pretty high.

Cut to now, everything depends on what Puri has in store for the viewers. Up until now, Vijay shouldered the promotional campaign and aggressively promoted the film.

Thanks to the aggressive promotional campaign, Liger is riding high on buzz now. The same can be determined by taking a look at the impressive advance bookings the film is registering. But from here on, the content will hold the key.

An average word of mouth should keep Liger going through till the weekend, given the hype surrounding it. A hit talk is needed for the film to recover the hefty theatrical investments. Only a blockbuster word of mouth and reviews can help the film register sizeable profits for those involved.

Puri last delivered a blockbuster with Ismart Shankar which played to the galleries and pulled the masses. Can he repeat a similar feat with Liger, which is bigger in scale and there’re a lot more stakes involved? We’ll know the answer in a few hours from now.