Nara Lokesh, protege of Nara Chandra Babu Naidu toiled hard more than any Nara – Nandamuri family member in campaigning for the party. Lokesh despite several shortcomings in his speeches and political awareness learnt things from live experience and improved day by day. The Nara scion campaigned in Rayalaseema on the last day of campaign in Seema Andhra and impressed everyone by hitting his political opponents by delivering famous dialogues from the Rajni starrer Narasimha.

“Athiga asapade adadhi, athiga avesapade magavadu bagupadinattu charithralone ledu (No ambitious man or woman has ever prospered,” he said to the rousing reception of the crowd. After the campaign wrapped up, the young leader is immediately back to Hyderabad to monitor the ground situation in various constituencies across the Seema Andhra.