A film featuring the combination of Mahesh and Trivikram was always considered very special until ‘Guntur Kaaram’ happened, and the result is that the film couldn’t even break even in a strong territory for both in the U.S.

Last night, Trivikram made his first appearance post his own film’s release at the success event of a recent blockbuster Tillu Square. This has upset Mahesh Babu fans, leading them to pose valid questions to Trivikram.

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They are questioning Trivikram about how fair it is to attend a film that has already become a blockbuster, especially when the same small film went on to beat the biggest film, ‘Guntur Kaaram,’ in the U.S. and they are reminding everyone how Trivikram stayed away from ‘Guntur Kaaram’ post-release.

They say Siddhu or his team is full of fresh ideas, but Trivikram, stuck in old ‘prasa,’ is the reason why their favorite star’s film bombed. However, the director who delivered a flop is being praised sky-high by the young team who delivered a resounding blockbuster. They question how this is even fair?

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Putting all that aside, Trivikram has made his mark in Tollywood, but a new phase has started, and several new directors have taken over the big league. It’s time for Trivikram to reinvent himself and come up with an exciting idea to compete with pan-India directors.