Sarath BabuVeteran actor Sarath Babu passed away this week due to a multi-organ failure. Now his property issue has become the talk of the town.

Despite his eventful personal life, which included three marriages, he has no children. Because of this, there are speculations about who will inherit his vast empire of properties.

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The mainstream and digital media are writing articles day and night about Sarath Babu’s property issues. Some are writing that the properties would be divided equally among his siblings’ children. Some are also dragging his ex-wife Rama Prabha into this.

There is no official information regarding how and among whom will Sarath Babu’s properties will be distributed. He hasn’t even left any will, but still, the media is making baseless assumptions just to grab headlines and some cheap attention.

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It must be realized that it is their internal family matter. So the media should respect the departed soul’s legacy and shouldn’t poke its nose into matters it is not concerned with.