Mem Famous ChallengeMem Famous released last weekend. Ever since, there has been social media trolls on the film, which is a common factor for most films. However, the makers appear to have taken the social media hate way too seriously.

Speaking with the media today, Chai Bisket producers – Sharath and Anurag Reddy called out the social media trolls.

“It is easy to stay anonymous on social media and comment about us. Please stop abusing us with sly slurs. If you have a problem with our film, come out in public, we will pick a place, sit face to face, and you can troll us then. We will take your feedback if we deem it worthy” Sharath said.

They added that “There was a lot of hate and trolls when Mahesh Babu sir tweeted for us. We even felt maybe we shouldn’t have gotten him involved with this. Such is the degree of hate we faced”.

The producers have clearly taken all the social media hate to heart and they’re seen calling out the trolls for a face-to-face interaction. While their trust in their product is understandable, challenging social media trolls might not be an effective move, given that it’s a part and parcel of Telugu cinema community.