Mirai Teaser

Adventure thrillers are hard to come by for the Telugu audience and here’s one such film that fans under this category. The said film is Mirai and it has Teja Sajja in the lead role.

The teaser for Mirai – Super Yodha was unveiled today and it is packed with grade-A visuals.

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The visuals and the background score are on par with a big budget superstar film and Karthik Ghattamaneni has again shown that he is a director with the skill set of getting the best possible technical output.

The hush of ancient narratives and mythologies appear to be the mainstay of the film. Teja appears to have materialized another winning follow up for HanuMan both in terms of scale and technical finesse. He looks apt as a warrior who deals with sacred realms.

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He is making the right moves in terms of career progression through diverse and commercially viable characters like these.

While other contemporary youngsters are sticking mostly to commercial space, it is good to see Teja consistently aiming at something big and intriguing. The film has sealed 18 April, 2025 as its release date.

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