Nagarjuna AkkineniThe Akkineni family has been having a rather tough time lately with Akkineni trio Nag, Chay, and Akhil delivering consecutive disasters at the box office.

Coming to the topic, Nagarjuna, in particular appears to be on a layoff from film stuff of late.

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Nag’s last two social media posts were wishing Agent and Custody, through which he wished the teams all the best. That’s about it. There hasn’t been any update from him since.

Nag did not take part in any promotion campaign of Chay’s Custody. That’s a bid odd, because Chay and Akhil have the habit of having Nag on-board for at least one of their promotional campaigns of their films, but that didn’t happen with Custody.

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There’s no update on when Nag will commence shooting for his next film. There is no official announcement yet even though it is likely to be a script by Prasanna Kumar Bezawada.

As it appears, Nag is currently on a sabbatical and is voluntarily staying away from film stuff for a while.

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