Nani’s Hat-Trick Ninnu Kori To Come In Duvvada Jagannadham WayThe first biggest blockbuster album in actor Nani’s career was without any doubt Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi. It brought a keen interest in the movie along with the combination factor and also helped in the sustenance of the film post its release.

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The combination of actor Nani and music director Gopi Sunder got repeated for Majnu. Although the movie failed to recreate the magic of Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi, the album surely was registered. Now, after two successful outings, the combination of actor and music director is raring to score a hat-trick. Ninnu Kori brings them together and the song teaser released today is already generating massive positive vibes.

So, where does DJ fit into all this? Well, as they say, it’s enough to taste few grains to know whether the rice is cooked or not, here based on the music teaser alone a conclusion can be made that Ninnu Kori will be eagerly awaited in the US. The problem then is DJ and Ninnu Kori, are going to come back to back. It means Allu Arjun could once again be looking at a Sarrainodu sort of situation here. Let us wait and see if the past repeats or not?

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