RRR_Hindi_On_NetflixRRR is proving to be a smashing success even on OTT. The film is trending atop in several countries when it comes to Netflix trending charts.

One interesting observation here is that Netflix is walking away with all the limelight. RRR’s Hindi and international versions that are streaming on Netflix now are getting a really wide viewership.

The international audience who are watching the film on Netflix are using RRR – Netflix snapshots while sharing their experience. This is giving Netflix a wide reach.

ZEE5 which is streaming the South Indian language versions is not getting much visibility when compared to Netflix.

Netflix, with a wider footprint than ZEE5, is getting a lot of attention thanks to RRR. Also, Netflix is technically a much more stable platform. The quality of the streaming is also higher on Netflix. This could be another reason why people are choosing Netflix over ZEE5.