Mega Powerstar Ram Charan needs no introduction to Telugu cinema regular nor do his movies. And those people would also be very quick to point out the strength and weaknesses of the actor since they have been following right from his debut. The actor has so far done seven movies and it would be safe to say that almost all films barring the one exception are action oriented movies.

Right from Chirutha to the recent Yevadu the actor has made a specialization in doing mass oriented action movies which has earned him good reputation among the masses and collections correlate to that fact as well. But in doing so the actor seems to have lost out on another segment that too is an important driving factor for the movie grosses, the class segment. The overseas and Nizam collections of the movies of the star prove this fact as well.

The problem for the actor now is that those territories are becoming big with each passing year and he is not bale to utilize it to the maximum and hence limiting his box office potential. So in order to overcome this shortfall the actor has decided to do some back to back class movies with emphasis more on love and family aspects. Currently the actor is doing Govindudu Andari Vadele with Krishna Vamsi as part of this makeover and he has set up films with Srinu Vytla, Vikram Kumar (Ishq and Manam fame), and Trivikram Srinivas that belong to those genres as well. What is even more interesting here is that even the Boyapati Sreenu film that he is supposed to do is apparently going to be a love story as well.

Will this changeover work for him and will he be able to get people interested in those segments, especially the audience of overseas. Is the problem really with the choice of his films or it lies in his acting? If it’s the films then the change of genres might work for him but if it’s the acting wouldn’t it be the same whatever genre he might be doing. We would like to know from our readers where the actual problem lies with the star and do you really think that the change in genres and subject would give him the expected results and not actually affect his original fan base, the masses. Share us your thoughts.