No-Politics-in-Balayya-RulerBalayya’s upcoming movie ‘Ruler‘ is loaded with mass elements and the trailer set the right expectations on the movie to the core. The target audiences of the movie are totally mass and if the director took the narration in an engaging tone, ‘Ruler’ will be another full-fledged potboiler for his fans.

Talking about the movie and its background in a recent interview, the producer of the movie C Kalyan revealed that ‘Ruler’ isn’t a political film. It’s based on the lives of Telugu people who settled in Uttar Pradesh and the problems they face there due to regional discrimination.

This kind of movie is done to death kind of easy for Balakrishna and in the trailer, he seemed to be cake walking through the action scenes and delivering powerful mass dialogues that would bring whistles in B and C Centres.

So, without a political backdrop, all seems to be fine as the premise would be a welcome change for the audiences, especially Balayya’s fans.