Devara is a much-awaited promising film for the Telugu audiences as it marks the return of NTR after RRR. It also is projected as Koratala Siva’s vengeance project after the Acharya debacle.

However, on the pan-India front, Devara hasn’t sparked significant buzz yet. Even the presence of Janhvi Kapoor or Saif Ali Khan hasn’t ignited great excitement in Hindi markets. Even Karan Johar’s association with the project hasn’t added much allure.

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But music director Anirudh’s name is popular even in the North. After Leo and Jailer, the Hindi audience has also realized the genius of Anirudh, especially in terms of BGM. Even in SRK’s all-time blockbuster Jawan, Anirudh played a major role last year.

If Devara’s music was done by someone like Thaman or DSP, it wouldn’t have made much difference but Anirudh’s brand name is a different beast.

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So Anirudh scoring music for Devara is a big plus.

The first song, Fear Song, which is going to be unleashed today evening will also be under the keen watch of the Hindi audience. If the song clicks with the Hindi audience as well, it will set a solid foundation for Devara in Hindi too.

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As of now, Anirudh’s name is the biggest star of Devara in the North. It will be interesting to see if he can deliver and justify the immense hype surrounding the song.