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Salaar’s performance at the box office was slightly underwhelming, given the high expectations for it to cross the 1000-crore mark. However, it concluded its worldwide collections at a gross of 600 crores.

Despite this, it was a significant achievement, especially considering it faced competition from Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki and still managed to surpass the 600-crore mark.

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A 600-crore worldwide gross is now considered the minimum for a pan-India film to be deemed successful. Prabhas’ ability to achieve this in a clash sets a standard for other heroes with compelling content to easily surpass this figure, especially with the substantial growth of the Hindi market in recent years.

Tamil films have been consistently hitting the 600-crore milestone with films like Leo and Jailer, even without significant support from the Hindi market.

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The much-anticipated Pushpa 2 is set to be the next pan-India monster, with its release scheduled for August 15, despite the potential clash with Singham Again. Speculations are going around that Singham might get postponed to Diwali, but as of now, the clash is on.

Considering the immense hype and anticipation surrounding Pushpa 2, it is anticipated to cross the 600-crore mark, even in the worst-case scenario. However, anything less than the 1000-crore mark would be deemed as underperformance for Pushpa 2.

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But 600 crores gross is an apt benchmark for films like other pan-India films like Devara, Kalki, and Game Changer. If these films touch or at least come close to the 600-crore milestone, it would be considered that the films have done well.