Pawan Kalyan Pawan Kalyan has always been hailed as a style icon since the Thammudu days. He has been a role model for the youth for the last two decades. His looks have always been a trendsetter in Tollywood.

Even after he joined politics, Pawan has always ensured that he looks handsome. But for the first time, he is getting negative remarks for his offline looks.

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Pawan Kalyan recently graced the popular talk show Unstoppable hosted by Balakrishna. A promo of the episode was released recently, and Pawan’s look is not being appreciated even by his fans.

Pawan looks out of shape, and his face also looks flabby. His double chin is also one of the reasons for his unflattering look. He needs to get back into shape. He can’t afford to disappoint his fans, who look up to him as a style icon.

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The first part of the Unstoppable episode featuring Pawan Kalyan will start streaming tonight.