Prashanth Neel

Prashanth Neel, celebrated for his directorial triumph in KGF, is a big brand now. He is set to dazzle audiences with Salaar: Part 1, starring Prabhas scheduled for release on December 22. The film’s trailer drops on December 1.

In an exclusive interview, Neel sheds light on the essence of Salaar, describing it as a narrative of evolving friendship transforming into bitter rivalry. He discloses that Salaar revolves around the story of two friends who ultimately become arch-enemies.

Neel stresses that Salaar is a unique world with its own set of emotions and characters, cautioning against expecting a repetition of KGF. Salaar, conceived before KGF, was envisioned as a comprehensive narrative spanning two parts, promising an immersive, story-driven cinematic experience.

Rumors have circulated that Salaar is a remake of Neel’s own 2014 film, Ugramm, which marked his directorial debut. Now, with Neel unveiling Salaar’s plot, it’s evident that Ugramm serves as the inspiration, following a similar theme of two friends turning foes.

Neel asserts that Salaar’s story was ready even before KGF, hinting at shades of Ugramm in the film. Ugramm didn’t do the business it deserved at the box office. So Prashanth had always wanted to revisit the film and make it on a huge scale with the biggest star and highest technical values.

Therefore, while Salaar might be based on Ugramm, it doesn’t mean it will be a scene-to-scene copy. It would be foolish to expect Prashanth Neel to remake his own film as it is. Instead, he might have taken the idea of Ugramm and crafted it into a completely different film on an entirely different level altogether.