Prashanth Neel Sukumar

Pushpa 2’s teaser amassed over 39 million views within the first 24 hours but fell short of breaking existing records. Salaar, with 83 million views in its first 24 hours, holds the title of the most-viewed Indian teaser on YouTube.

Pushpa 2 is highly anticipated on a pan-India level, surpassing the hype around Salaar 1. So why couldn’t Pushpa 2’s teaser cross or come close to Salaar teaser’s view count?

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Prashanth Neel became a huge brand after KGF’s phenomenal success, while Sukumar didn’t gain the same level of popularity after Pushpa’s success.

Prashanth Neel’s name added that extra hype to Salaar besides being a Prabhas film, whereas Sukumar’s name doesn’t add the same level of brand value for Pushpa 2.

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So is it the Prashanth Neel factor that gave Salaar an edge over Pushpa 2? Or perhaps, Sukumar didn’t receive much recognition for Pushpa 1 as Allu Arjun walked away with all the limelight and accolades?

Whatever the reason, Salaar’s teaser views are more than double that of Pushpa 2’s and that might be a concern for Pushpa makers. Salaar collected only 150 crores in Hindi belts whereas Pushpa 2’s expectations are of 400-500 crores from the Northern region.

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