Rajasekhar Comment on Deverakonda's TrollsSenior actor Rajasekhar certified in an interview that Anand Deverakonda has done well in ‘Dorasani’ and he was made to look that way because the character demanded him to look like an ordinary guy.

Why did Rajasekhar explain all this? It’s because he took up the subject about Anand Deverakonda getting trolled after the teaser release for his unimpressive looks and acting. Rajasekhar also said confidently that Anand is s good dancer and can dance really well.

This one also is a reply for the trolls who snapped Anand for his poor dancing skills in the competition video released challenging audiences to send videos doing the signature step of ‘Horn Ok Please’ song from ‘Dorasani’.

Shivatmika Rajasekhar is making her acting debut along with Vijay Deverakonda’s brother with ‘Dorasani’. Let’s wait and see how the two young actors would be received by the Telugu audiences.