Movie Theatres

The resurgence of older films in theaters gained traction in Chennai when Kamala Cinemas initiated the re-release of the 2012 hit “3,” starring Dhanush.

Nostalgia serves as a significant draw for audiences attending these re-releases, particularly among younger viewers who missed the chance to see these films during their initial run in theaters.

For many in the audience, the experience of watching these films feels akin to attending a concert rather than a standard movie screening.

Social media users frequently share videos of themselves singing, dancing, or cheering during screenings, generating viral buzz that attracts more patrons to theaters like Kamala Cinemas.

However, there’s a downside to this trend, with reports of some theater owners resorting to playing pirated versions of films during re-releases.

Instead of obtaining official 4K digital prints from producers or distributors, they opt for pirated copies, connecting projectors to laptops to screen these illicit versions.

Instances of this deception have been documented on social media, with one user sharing a photo from a theater clearly displaying a VLC player on the screen, indicating the use of unauthorized content.

The exact theater responsible for this action remains unconfirmed.