Jr NTR RRR BalakrishnaWe are just a few hours away from the first show of SS Rajamouli’s RRR. The excitement is in the air every where and the celebrations of fans are touching the roofs.

NTR Fans are ahead in the celebrations when compared to Ram Charan fans. The banners and cutouts of NTR fans also have an interesting message.

In online, we have been seeing a group calling themselves as ‘Only NTR Fans’. They declare themselves as anti-Balakrishna and anti-TDP. There are at times some even declare they do not care for Senior NTR as well.

But then, the ground reality is different. In almost all the places, the banners and cutouts have Senior NTR and Balakrishna’s photos as well. There are very few with only exclusive NTR pics.

That implies the so called ‘Only NTR fans’ is a small minority online and the ground conditions are different. Fans are united offline.

Coming to TDP and NTR banners, they are in decent numbers as well. In comparison, they are many times more than the banners of NTR – YSR Congress fans.

These observations imply that NTR still has strong support from Balakrishna and TDP cadre on the ground. And the animosity that exists online is not seen on the ground.

Regarding the caste related banners, NTR’s following seems to be existing in all social classes. If anyone is confining him only to a particular caste do not know the ground reality.