Don’t Call OTT Audience Lazy: NTRThere is a growing concern that the footfalls at cinema halls are depleting by the day as the OTT audience are preferring to watch new releases at the comfort of their homes. When asked about the same, RRR star, Jr NTR made an interesting comment.

“Firstly, the audiences are not getting lazy as they watch content on OTT. It needs to be noted that OTT is just another mode of entertainment. It is our responsibility that we make films that attract the audience to the theatres in big numbers,” NTR said.

“RRR is the kind of film that should be enjoyed in theatres. For instance, we have Baahubali. I myself can’t resist watching a film like Baahubali in the theatres. Likewise, big event films can pull the audience to the theatres. OTT is never a threat to the cinema industry in my opinion,” Tarak adds.

Big event films can always pull the audience to theatres in big numbers. But the real question is – can mid-range and small films pull the audience? Without a winning promotional campaign and gripping trailers, it is becoming near impossible for small films to gain a theatrical audience. People are more than willing to skip watching such film in theatres and wait out to watch them later on OTT.