A day after creating sensation with her ‘grow up’ comments, ex wife and former actress Renu Desai has confirmed few things which were concerning the fans and others. Renu Desai made it clear with her new update that there are no hard feelings between the two and that they are individually happy with their decisions. What happened between the two would only be known between the two as it’s a private matter and no one else in the world has a right to pass judgment on it clarified the actress.

Coming to her ‘grow up’ comment previously related to ‘hardcore fans’, she said that, the hardcore fans here meant not just Pawan Kalyan fans but included fans of other celebrities as well. It was a statement meant to be applied to the whole of such celebrity fan bases who take time to abuse others for reasons completely absurd. It did not specifically meant Pawan fans, she made this point pretty clear.

Finally Renu Desai concluded by saying that there are people and then there is Pawan Kalyan. She says that she whole heartedly supports Pawan Kalyan in whatever he does and that he is a man with lot of social consciousness. Pawan Kalyan is the kind of person that the society needs currently as he always strives to do something good for it. She has in the past and she will in the future support him in any way she can was ultimately the message passed by Renu in the end. Well let’s hope after this clarification from her, this chapter of Pawan Kalyan is settled for good finally.