Sam-Says-It-Was-Punishment-from-Allu-AravindAllu Aravind has taken the upcoming ‘Sam Jam’ chat show on his Aha original as a challenge and has been promoting it big time adding a recent press meet as if it was a pre-release event.

While Allu Aravind promised that their talk show is going to be unique and nothing like audiences have watched so far, both Samantha and director Nandini Reddy claimed that it felt like punishment in the beginning which demanded a lot of hard work and commitment.

They even wanted to run away from the programme but they couldn’t. All this was said on a fun note. But, the talk show is going to seriously talk about some social issues besides providing entertainment for the audiences.

The journalists who attended the event were seen asking about her experience when she hosted the Bigg Boss show in the absence of her father-in-law.

She said that it was Nagarjuna’s decision and she was frightened as she didn’t know much about the show. She took three days to watch all the episodes of the show and then plunge forward to be the guest host for that episode.