It is known that Koratala Siva has been facing a criminal case for allegedly copying the story of the Srimanthudu. A writer named Sharath Chandra filed the case, saying Srimanthudu script is entirely inspired from his novel, Chachentha Prema which was printed in Swathi monthly novel back then.

Now, writer Sharath Chandra has given an insight into the crux of things and revealed how Mahesh Babu evaded the criminal case.

“When I understood that Srimanthudu film is a rip off of my novel, I filed a criminal case on GMB Entertainments owner Mahesh Babu and Mythri Movie Makers who jointly produced the film. This is when Namrata came out saying GMB Entertainments is owned by someone named Gangadhar and got Mahesh Babu exempted from facing criminal trial in the case.” The writer said.

Sharath Chandra claimed that he first approached Koratala Siva in a soft manner by explaining his side of the story but Koratala refuted the copy allegations without rationale. Then he approached the writers association and got his case strengthened as it was established that Srimanthudu shares clear similarities with the novel that was published earlier.

The writer says Koratala Siva can’t escape criminal charges now and added that he will file copyright claims against the director, to see to it that he lands in jail. He says Koratala has no saving grace here and will have to pay the price for his wilful actions.