Adipurush PrabhasThe Indian film trade considers the period post-IPL one of the best times to release big-budget and star-studded films. The audience would be fed up with watching cricket, and they want to change their taste in entertainment by watching an exciting film in theaters.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan was supposed to release on June 2 and utilize this benefit by becoming the first biggie to release post-IPL.

But due to various reasons, the film got postponed to September 7. Now Adipurush has the advantage of becoming the first big-ticket film to release post-IPL.

The audience is now hungry to watch a big-screen spectacle, and even if the content of Adipurush is just about decent, the film will attract a huge number of footfalls for at least two weeks owing to Prabhas’ pan-India stardom and the unprecedented appeal of Lord Rama Theme.

It will be interesting to see how far Adipurush will utilize this unexpected advantage of people’s hunger to watch a film post-IPL.