Naga-Chaitanya---Shailaja-Reddy-Alludu-ReviewsNaga Chaitanya came up with a new flavor of himself with Shailaja Reddy Alludu for the role is distinct from the ones that he played till now. There are mixed reactions to his film. Still, unlike the many other actors in industry, Chay stands out as a non-egoistic personality who always takes things at ease.

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For an instance, him using Vija Deverakonda’s chartbuster song Inkem Inkem Kavale from Geetha Govindam in his latest release Shailaja Reddy Alludu as a ringtone shows how he goes easy on things putting the cadre and ego aside. To speak of the competition, Vijay Deverakonda is being seen as a strong contender in the tier 2 heroes and soon seems to enter the main league hero with the youth craze following him. And yet Chay did not hesitate to use Vijay’s content in his.

When Chay was asked what he thinks about the negative comments that he gets on social media, he opinionated that people write negative comments with love and he always learned and corrected himself from such negative inputs. While most of the heroes pass quite different remarks on reviews or the web ratings, Naga Chaitanya said he too was disappointed with reviews but he said “Sorry I couldn’t satisfy few reviewers but next time I will try harder”. Chay’s approach to the negativity proves him to be a class apart. Agree?

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