The Right Attempt From Naga ShauryaYoung actor, Naga Shaurya carries a boy-next-door demeanour. However, he has been trying to attain a mass image with films like Aswathama and his upcoming outing, Lakshya. But what really suits him are subtle and soft-natured roles.

If there’s one such film in Naga Shaurya’s line-up of forthcoming releases that has the potential to make capital out of Shaurya’s boy-next-door looks, it is Varudu Kavalenu.

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In the posters and the promos of Varudu Kavalenu, Shaurya looks smart as a typical young lad. This is the kind of role that is tailor made for the young actor.

Varudu Kavelanu is carrying positive reverberations. The makers have announced that the teaser of the film will be out on 31st of this month. If the teaser manages to strike the right chord, it can add to the anticipation surrounding the family entertainer.

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The teaser arrival announcement poster looks aesthetic. Shaurya, Ritu Varma, and Nadiya are seen in the same. Given Nadiya’s looks, she appears to be playing a strict mom role, much like the one she played in Attarintiki Daaredi. The poster implies that Varudu Kavalenu is a clean family entertainer. The film is directed by Lakshmi Sowjanya.