Eagle Lal Salaam Yatra 2

The Tollywood box office saw a handful of new outings this weekend, namely Lal Salaam, Yatra 2, and Eagle. Coming to the box office verdict of these three films, Eagle got off to a modest start while Lal Salaam got off to disastrous start and Yatra 2 got a forced push from YCP troops.

Despite the ordinary start to the morning shows, Eagle picked up the pace over the evening and night shows. With the upward trend towards the later shows, the film managed to post modest numbers on the first day.

Lal Salaam is expectedly a disaster with not even mention worthy numbers. Rajini has delivered a bummer after the blockbuster Jailer.

Yatra 2 didn’t get much attention from the common audience but it is lapped up by YCP troops who are making it seem like the film has some impetus. Barring this forced hype from the YCP cadre, there isn’t much going into this film.

Eagle has a better prospect now as it can make better use of the vacuum this weekend. With a better word of mouth, the film could have put up far better performance.