Telangana state has completed ten years of its existence. The state has happened due to the relentless struggle and then, an able leadership led it to the development path.

Telangana Government is celebrating the ’10 years of Telangana’ on a grand scale. We have seen many celebrities wishing the state and the government on this occasion.

Trivikram Srinivas released a note regarding the same couple of days ago.

This has angered the YSR Congress ecosystem. They are angry with Trivikram for not saying such nice words to Jagan Government in Andhra Pradesh.

They expect Trivikram’s endorsement for helping Siri Vennela’s family after his demise. Siri Vennela is Trivikram’s uncle and he is also like a Bhakt for the sensational writer.

The problem is that YSR Congress Government had a bad image in the people. Nobody wants to be identified with a Government that is good for nothing except for bringing loans and splurging money.

KCR Government always maintains a balance between welfare and development. Hyderabad is on a fast track with many infrastructure projects and big-ticket investments. Any celebrity will be convenient to wish for such a Government.

Jagan ensured no capital for Andhra Pradesh and the less talk the better about AP infrastructure and investments.

Moreover, Jagan insulted and troubled the Telugu film industry.

Even if Jagan does some random and miraculous good like helping Sirivennela in this case, no one would like to stick out their neck and appreciate Jagan.

Jagan should use the services of eminent personalities like Posani, Jogi Naidu etc for that purpose.