One of the talented exponents of Malayalam cinema is Abdul Wahab and he has made a mark for himself with Kushi and Hi Nanna. His next Telugu film has been announced now and it is with Sharwanand and it has been titled Manamey.

Notably, both Kushi and Hi Nanna fared well at the box office, and Wahab’s music was also praised for its finesse. Now, the onus is on Wahab’s new film with Sharwa.

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After Hi Nanna and Kushi, if Wahab can follow up the good work with Sharwa’s film he could well emerge as a crucial and much-needed break for genre films in Tollywood.

All the while, Thaman and DSP were the only two consistent options for Tollywood, and now, following the emergence of Wahab, if he can deliver again with Sharwa’s film, producers and filmmakers will start to see him as the right alternative at least for genre films.

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There are couple other options for genre films, but for coming of age, and fresh romance genre, Abdul’s work is very good and he can further cement his position if he delivers with Sharwa’s film.

Coming to Sharwa’s Manamey, the film is showing some promise with the arrival of a fresh-looking poster. The film is directed by Sriram Aditya. After making a decent critically approved comeback with Oke Oka Jeeviham, the onus is on Sharw himself to continue on the winning streak.

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