MenToo-Malli-Pelli-Mem-FamousThe USA box office saw three new Telugu theatrical releases last weekend and they are Mem Famous, Men Too and Malli Pelli.

Mem Famous collected $16K on its first Sunday and took its tally to $84K. It is the better performing film of the new releases but that still isn’t a substantial number.

Then there’s Men Too, featuring young actor Naresh Agastya and it collected $1.4K on its first Sunday, with the tally standing at $10K.

Malli Pelli is a non started at the USA box office as it added mere $68 on its first Sunday and the tally standing at negligible $1.2K.

With Monday being a holiday in the USA, marking Memorial Day, these new releases had the opportunity of milking the opportunity and posting good numbers. But that didn’t happen.

Mem Famous garnered better reviews of the three new releases but it failed to take off and settled with a sedate start in the first weekend. Malli Pelli relied entirely on public attention on Natesh and Pavitra but that didn’t pay off.