Vishwak Sen

Vishwak Sen pulled off an impressive feat with a unique film, Gaami, on a shoestring budget. The film turned out to be a decent success. However, none from the industry came forward to appreciate the efforts of this small team.

Vishwak Sen openly expressed his disappointment, saying it would have been very helpful if anyone prominent from the industry had spoken about their film. Surprisingly, Vishwak Sen’s favorite star NTR also did not tweet about ‘Gaami‘.

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Vishwak Sen’s Gaami is currently available for streaming on the popular OTT platform ZEE5.

During a press interaction organized by ZEE5 at Snow Kingdom India, a journalist questioned Vishwak Sen about his disappointment and why he didn’t seek support from NTR, especially considering their closeness.

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Vishwak Sen seemed caught off guard, attempting to evade the question by explaining that his reference to lacking support from the industry was primarily about senior journalists praising the movie in their reviews, not about industry stars.

Vishwak clearly looked uncomfortable by the question and tried to dodge it by giving a silly and unconvincing answer.

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