M9 News Journalist Nishant sat with Siddhu Jonnalagadda ahead of the release of his much-awaited, Tillu Square on the 29th of March. Tillu Square is the second part of DJ Tillu which made Siddhu famous.

We asked him about making the second part immediately after the first part’s release and the inhibitions he had while making the film. “I did not have a central point by the time we announced the film. Myself and Mallik worked for 6-7 months only to realize we wrote the wrong story. So, we worked it all over retaining the core,” Siddhu said.

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He explained why Vimal, the director of the first part is not a part of Tillu Square. He also explained the allegation that Siddhu Jonnalagadda overrides his directors without giving them credit.

The actor also asked about choosing Anupama Parameswaran to play the role of Lily.

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“I can hear many people talking about Anupama doing this role. But all this is only until the release of the film. After the release, they will only talk about Lily,” he said.

Siddhu also admitted the flaws of DJ Tillu’s Second Half.

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We also asked him about the number game that started with this. “I will be lying if anyone says they do not care about collections. As per me, a film is 51% Business and 49% Art. Business is above art because someone is investing money. My market, budgets, and remunerations of people around me will go up,” he explained.

Trivikram is one of the producers of the film and we asked him about his involvement especially when many people say Trivikram lost his touch and is struggling.

Siddhu had an interesting answer for it.

He also spoke about his upcoming projects – Jack and Telusu Kada.