Anasuya often has a love hate relationship with the Telugu media. She often shares cryptic posts on social media that are later interpreted by media, and in turn, Anasuya calling them out for taking her comments out of context.

About the recent beef with Vijay Deverakonda on social media, where Anasuya indirectly mocked him for using “The” before his name, asked him to clarify.

Anasuya replied “I don’t wish to extend that issue further. I put out the words from my mind and that’s the only way I know to speak.”

“I was distraught when I learned he paid money to malign my image and spread negative articles. I tried to bring that out to the public on every possible occasion. It’s an impulsive act” Anasuya added.

The actress went on to clarify that she has decided to leave the controversy with this for her own mental peace.

“I don’t have a PR campaign like him. I speak for myself. I tried calling him personally but that didn’t work. But from now, I don’t wish to be a part of this mentally exhausting saga” Anasuya concludes.