Why Would Vijay Deverakonda Commit That Blunder?Vijay Deverakonda, who grew a beard and long hair for Liger, has undergone a minor makeover of sorts for his next film, which will be helmed by Shiva Nirvana. This film will apparently feature Samantha in the female lead role.

Coming to the point, Vijay’s makeover implies that he is transforming into an army officer’s look. It is now rumored that this film is based on a love story set in Kashmir backdrop.

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Now, Vijay’s makeover, and the Kashmir backdrop speculations have led to rumors that this film will be the Telugu remake of Roja, which released back in 1992. Roja is a love drama based on a military officer and a young lady, and is set in Kashmir backdrop. A few media outlets are now connecting the dots and saying Vijay’s film is a remake of Roja.

Firstly, Roja is a female centric film. This isn’t the kind of subject that would suit Vijay Deverakonda‘s current image and the stardom that he enjoys. More importantly, recreating Roja’s magic and presenting it to the current generation audience now is way too tough.

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That said, this project hasn’t even been announced yet so we can’t draw any conclusion regarding the theme of the film. But if Vijay and Shiva are actually working on the remake of Roja, it would be a big blunder.