Wild Dog Unexpectedly Favors Adivi Sesh's MajorKing Nagarjuna‘s Wild Dog has brought the genre of anti-terror operations into Telugu cinema after a long time. Those who watched the film have been appreciating the attempt of the team. But there has been a discussion about who can play such roles if more of such films were to come to Tollywood.

Adivi Sesh is playing a similar character in Major. Interestingly, he looks to be the only option for such roles in Tollywood. No other hero in the younger generation or the senior generation would fit in such roles, the social media discussions say. Nagarjuna is the fittest of the senior heroes.

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He looked good for the character but still, it needs someone from the young generation who can move swiftly. These discussions in a way would add to the craze of Major. Adivi Sesh’s Major is announced for the July release. It is being made as a Pan-India film due to the countrywide appeal of the subject.

Bollywood Corporate Giant, Sony Pictures is part of the project to give it much-needed push there. But the release may largely depend on the COVID conditions in the North markets by then.

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