War 2 Movie Jr NTR Hrithik RoshanYash Raj Films’ WAR, starring Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff, was the biggest hit of 2019. Both the actors did a tremendous job, but Hrithik clearly stole the show.

Just remember the scene of Hrithik getting down from the chopper at the training camp. It was madness in theaters as not only girls but even guys went crazy watching Hrithik. He looked like a Greek god with a physique to die for. Hrithik was back to put his dazzling good looks and suave style into service after a long time. Tiger Shroff did a great job, but he paled in front of the enigma called Hrithik Roshan.

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Now NTR will join forces opposite Hrithik in Yash Raj Films’ WAR 2, to be directed by Ayan Mukerji. NTR is a supremely talented and gifted actor, but it will be very exciting to see how the makers will pitch and design his character in front of Hrithik.

NTR who never bows down before a challenge accepted to be pitted against someone like Hrithik, who can overshadow the biggest stars with his mere screen presence.

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Tiger Shroff could afford to get overshadowed by Hrithik, but NTR can’t and won‘t. It just requires a bit of care by Ayaan Mukherjee and NTR will obviously take over with his acting capabilities.

When NTR pulls it off with ease, as most people are predicting, it will increase his star value by leaps and bounds.

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