Will Race Gurram have legs to achieve that?

When the summer season of Telugu films started there were three biggies chiefly looked forward to. One was Legend, the second one was Race Gurram and the finally the third one is Manam. Similarly before the release of these three biggies there were individually expectations on each one of these films as well. People were eager to see whether Legend would cross the 40 Cr mark or not or if Manam would be the biggest Akkineni hit ever and what would be its range?

Coming to Race Gurram the expectation on the film looking at the pre release hype and all the political turmoil in the state and within the family was that – will it cross the 40 Cr mark and overtake Julayi to become the biggest hit in the career of Allu Arjun or not? The answers to few of those questions are certainly out already. Legend has failed to touch the 40 Cr where as Race Gurram in a matter of day or two is going to emerge as the biggest hit in the career of Allu Arjun.

Now that Race Gurram has crossed the initial expectations without breaking any sweat, the bar on the expectations has been raised further. The trade is looking keenly at its box office performance to see if it can achieve one of the following two things. The first one being, can it become the highest grosser of the year till now surpassing Yevadu? The second one is can it reach the 50 Cr mark making Allu Arjun the fourth actor to achieve this feat after Ram Charan, Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan.

Not only does the actor becomes fourth actor, what that figure would also indicate is that Race Gurram has crossed a cluster of films like Racha, Naayak, Yevadu, Baadshah and Mirchi. The real question therefore on everyone’s mind is, does Race Gurram have the legs, and can Allu Arjun pull in the audience consistently over the next couple of weeks to achieve all this which looked impossible before release.

What do you think? Can Allu Arjun achieve all that with Race Gurram? Will it have the legs? Share us your thoughts.