Will Yevadu walk in the footsteps of '1' and 'Jilla'?
There’s some commonality between Mahesh Babu’s ‘1’ and Vijay’s ‘Jilla”, which released Friday in cinemas. While both the films are in different languages, yet something has found a commonality in them. The common factor turns out to be the running of these two films, which are over three hours long.

With Ram Charan’s ‘Yevadu’ slated for release tomorrow, one wonders if it will also be as long as these films as lengthier running time seems to be the norm of star-studded. Even Ajith’s ‘Veeram’ was about two hours and 50 minutes long. Running time is not a problem for the audience if the the film’s story is really worth sitting so long for. For instance, Avatar was more than three hours long but people loved it because they were engrossed in the story so much.

‘Yevadu’ will have serious problem if it’s also as lengthy as ‘1’ and ‘Jilla’. The makers of ‘1’ and ‘Jilla’ have already trimmed their films by 19 minutes and 9 minutes, respectively due to the mixed response from the audience.