Vijay-Deverakonda-Samantha-YashodaVijay Deverakonda is in great need of commercial success. He is understandably pinning all his hopes on Kushi which is his immediate next release. The film has Samantha in the leading lady role.

Coming to the topic, Vijay should now be praying for the success of Samantha’s next film, Yashoda.

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There’s a lot of anticipation on Samantha amidst recent rumors regarding her health. So, Yashoda might make some noise ahead of the release. If the film actually goes on to perform well at the box office, it would run into Sam’s next film – Kushi.

Vijay would take positive momentum in any shape or form it comes and if Sam can deliver it by bring positivity on Kushi by delivering a hit with Yashoda it will only help Vijay’s cause.

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If an actors previous film is a big hit, it will bring a layer of positivity on his/her next film. The same will happen with Kushi if Yashoda is a hit. This should help Kushi and ultimately Vijay.

As for Yashoda, it is up for release on the 11th of November. Kushi is announced for release on 23rd December.

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