Vishwak Sen

Vishwak Sen is gearing up for his much-delayed film Gangs of Godavari, set to release on May 31st.

During the film’s promotions, Vishwak Sen made a startling revelation. He expressed a strong desire to remake NTR’s film Naa Alludu, which originally was a box office debacle.

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Vishwak Sen is a huge unabashed NTR film which is no secret. he has openly confessed his craze for NTR on several occasions. When asked which NTR film he’d like to remake, he surprisingly chose an outdated film like Naa Alludu.

Released in 2004, Naa Alludu, directed by Vara Mullapudi and written by Vijayendra Prasad, failed at the box office due to poor writing and execution, despite its star-studded cast.

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Naa Alludu was made to compensate for the distributor losses of Andhrawala but unfortunately, it turned out to be a bigger disaster than Andhrawala.

Naa Alludu was heavily criticized for its regressive and misogynistic storyline, crass humor, and vulgar scenes.

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Even by the standards of 2004, it was poorly received, and such a film would likely be outrightly rejected in 2024. Aside from its music, the film left little to remember. Even NTR would like to erase that film from his filmography.

However, Vishwak Sen believes that with some rework on the script he could turn it into a success. As both a writer and director, he may have innovative ideas for this project.

Meanwhile, Vishwak Sen’s well-wishers want him to stay away from such trashy scripts.