Woke Up On Sunday To Find Me All Over Twitter- Ashok GallaAshok Galla who made his debut with ‘Hero’ this Sankranthi was in news all of sudden as his name cropped up in the Banjara Hills Pub issue.

“For the first time, I felt like becoming a hero for real (says with a smile). I underwent physiotherapy for a lower-back issue and slept on Saturday night. When I woke up on Sunday, Twitter is buzzing. I was shocked. I am clueless about how my name appeared,” he said.

The actor made a good impression with his first film but still rues a lost opportunity as Covid cases started increasing in January, thus families stayed away from the movie.

“The movie’s OTT release is almost like the second release. I have been getting more messages and appreciations,” the actor said.

“I have 2-3 scripts in mind but have yet to take the final call. The announcement will most probably be in June. This time I will do a film for an outside banner,” he added.

Mahesh Babu is my inspiration for coming into films. He entered as a lead actor and became a superstar. His journey gives me inspiration. Given an opportunity, I would love to remake Murari,” the young man says.