Save The Tigers Season 2 also suffers from a thin plot, relying more on moments than the story. Directed by Arun Kothapally, the show manages to create some LOL moments throughout, which helps.

The casting remains a strong asset, as in the first season. Priyadarshi as Ganta Ravi, Abhinav Gomatam as Rahul, and Chaitanya Krishna as Vikram do a commendable job, fitting their roles well, along with their wives delivering what is needed.

Save The Tigers isn’t a show that demands terrific performances, but the fun and emotion needed must come from the writing. In Season 2, it works, but only in parts.

While there are some genuine LOL moments throughout the show, one can’t help but feel uneasiness with the routine cringe comedy written for the most part. That is the biggest downside of Season 2.

However, some nicely written jokes and moments of emotion make the show passable for a home watch.

Once again, Priyadarshi steals the show with his portrayal of Ganta Ravi, reflecting the genuine innocence and naivety of the character through the writing.

Abhinav Gomatam and his apartment comedy with the maid isn’t as much of a hit as in Season One, but it doesn’t entirely fail either. There are moments here and there that generate laughter, while the rest falls into the passable zone.

The camera work by S.V. Vishweshwar is decent for a show of this setup, capturing the vibe needed. Music by Ajay Arasada is alright, with nothing standing out in particular, and editing by Shravan Katikaneni is fine, considering the episodes are already shorter.

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Save The Tigers Season 2 ends with all three male characters experiencing an emotional turmoil, setting the stage for Season 3 and offering more space to explore further.

Overall, Save The Tigers Season 2 has its LOL moments and cringe, but it makes up for a passable and harmless home watch.

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