20-Yr-Old Indian Woman Killed in Road Accident in CanadaA young Indian lost her life due to a hit-and-run accident at 5.30 am at Britannia Road and Tomken Road, in the city of Mississauga, Canada.

The untimely death happened when the deceased Navneet Billing was struck by a motor vehicle when she was crossing Tomken Road.

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The vehicle did not stop and the driver drove away from the spot. The local police got the news and immediately shifted Navneet to a trauma care center, where she was pronounced dead. Navneet Billing had moved to Canada to complete her studies and was waiting for her work permit.

The youngster was much loved by her family and friends all of whom are shocked at her sudden demise. Her cousin Gurpreet Billing who lives in Canada has started a funding campaign to collect funds to transfer the body of Navneet to India as all of her immediate family lives in India. The fund target is for CAD $52,252 and so far $ CAD 50,000 have been collected. All funds collected will be given to her grief-struck parents back home.

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