Illegal Abuse Of Wild AnimalsA total of seven individuals, including the owner of a pub, were apprehended for allegedly exhibiting exotic wildlife species at a nightclub in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, without the necessary permissions.

In response to a complaint made by a social media user, the Hyderabad police, in collaboration with officials from the Telangana Forest Department, launched an investigation into the claims of wildlife display at Xora Pub in Alcazar Mall.

The authorities executed a raid at a store called ‘Hyderabad Exotic Pets’ situated in the Saidabad area, where they successfully rescued several animals from the suspects.

Among the rescued creatures were 14 Persian cats, three Bengal cats, two iguana lizards, a pair of cockatoos, two sugar gliders, sun conure parrots, and ball pythons.

P Radha Kishan Rao, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (OSD) from the Commissioner’s Task Force, revealed that the pub owner had hired event organizers to host a ‘Wild Night’ event on May 28 with the intention of attracting customers.